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Sandan Techniques

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The Sandan, 3rd Degree Black Belt, test will consist of all techniques Yellow thru 3rd Black Belt done on both sides. All Katas Orange thru 2nd Black will also be done. The Basics chosen for this test will be the choice of the Instructor.

The time required to attain Sandan is approximately 5 years of training after receiving Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt. Students have been studying and/or teaching for approximately 10 or 11 years to achieve the Sandan Rank. This time frame is approximate and denotes continuous training.

3rd Degree Black Belt

Sandan, 3rd Degree Black Belt, is the third black belt rank in Kenpo Karate and all Japanese martial arts. The rank is always awarded as Sandan by a Kenpo Karate Yudansha.

Sandan, 3rd Degree Black Belt, consists of 30 Self Defense Techniques and 10 Variations.

The student should demonstrate to the judges that they are truly ready for this rank by their power and proficiency in the Techniques and Katas.

At this point in the students training they have learned 539 Self Defense Techniques and Variations.

1. Sweeping Tiger
Overhead club
2. Hooking Eagle
Right kick
3. Catching The Dragon's Tail
Right kick
4. Hands To Heaven
Two hand push
5. Driving Fist
Left punch
6. Chinese Lock
Two hand push
7. Attack of The Hawk
Left punch
8. Leopard's Fist
Right punch
9. Chinese Corkscrew
Left punch
10. Twisting Cobra
Right kick
11. Monkey Fist
Right punch
12. Short Wind
Left punch
13. Hands of Death
Right - left punch combination
14. Twisting Leopard (AB CD)
15. Blocking The Dragon
Simultaneous right kick/right punch, followed by a left punch
16. Circle of Steel
Overhead knife
17. The Attacking Dragon (AB)
Right or left punch
18. Stinging Butterfly
Right punch
19. Winds From The East (AB)
Right or left punch from the side
20. Winds of Destruction (ABC)
Right punch from the side
21. Slash of Steel
Slashing knife attack
22. Uncoiling Viper (AB)
Right or left punch
23. Leaping Monkey
Full Nelson
24. Circle of Fire
25. Ming's Hammer
Right or left kick
26. Dragon's Whip (AB)
Right punch
27. White Tiger (AB)
Left punch
28. Winding Fists
Left punch
29. Path of Destruction
Left punch
30. Tail of The Cobra

Club thrust

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