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Punch Combinations

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Techniques Grouped by Attack

Punch Combination Techniques

There are 24 Self-Defense Techniques and 20 Variations for a total of 44 Self-Defense Techniques and Variations from Hachikyu, Yellow Belt, to Godan, 5th Degree Black Belt that defend against Combination Punches.

 1. Triple Cuts (AB)
 2. Drums of Manchu
 3. Winding Limbs (BC)
 4. Crossing the Mountain
 5. The Lotus
 6. Spear of Jade (ABC)
 7. 3 Winds Claw (ABCD)
 8. 3 Winds Fist (ABCD)
 9. Chinese Cobra
10. Circling the Sun (ABCD)
11. Circles of Glass
12. Prance of the Tiger
13. Blocking the Sun (B)
14. Fish Hook
15. Whirling Mantis
16. Double Asp (ABCD)
17. Lever of Ming (AB)
18. The Whip
19. Whirlwind (ABCD)
20. Hands of Death
21. The Iron Palm
22. Floating Hands
23. Shield of Iron
24. Kung Fu Shield

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