Georgia Kenpo Jujutsu

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Welcome to the Home Page of:
Georgia Kenpo JuJutsu
Austell, Ga

The Home of:
Grandmaster Pat Munk

Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee
2003 Man of the Year - Kenpo
2004 Outstanding Master of the Year
2005 Master of the Year - Kenpo
2006 Universal Master of the Year

International Kenpo Hall of Fame Inductee
2007 Charter Inductee

USA Martial Arte Hall of Fame Inductee
2014 Leading Grandmaster of the Year
2015 Soke of the Year
2016 Pioneer of the Year
2017 Kenpo Grandmaster of the Year
2018 Kenpo Living Legend
2021 Kenpo Living Legend

Alliance - Lifetime Member
International Congress of Grandmasters - Lifetime Member

Teaching the best in Kenpo

Specializing in Private Instruction

Georgia Kenpo JuJutsu offers private lessons in programs designed for each student's personal needs. This method of private attention sets Georgia Kenpo JuJutsu apart from other self defense studios. Students can learn faster from private lessons than in group classes alone.

In conjunction with personlized private instruction, students may choose to train in group sessions designed to supplement their private classes. This combination offers the most well rounded and flexible programs available. Group classes emphasize the basics of Karate and body conditioning resulting in improved flexibility, coordination, muscle tone and endurance.


At other studios, Belt Tests can cost hundreds of dollars! The higher the rank, the more expensive the test.

With Georgia Kenpo JuJutsu you EARN your belt, you don't buy it

Kenpo - Not a Sport

Family Programs

One member of the family pays the Monthly Fee.
Each additional member of the family pays only ($25.00)

Call for an appointment for a private interview
No Charge - No Obligation
Grandmaster Pat Munk - 678-575-7581
Seminars are available!
Contact: Pat Munk by phone or Email for availability and pricies

Grandmaster Pat Munk

Master Marc Munk
Hachidan (8th Degree Black Belt)
Alliance - Lifetime Member

Grandmaster Pat Munk
Judan (10th Degree Black Belt)
Alliance - Lifetime Member
International Council of Grandmasters - Lifetime Member

Some thoughts about Self Defense:

It's easier to resist an assualt at the beginning, than at the end.
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